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Sing Jesus, Sing!

Yes, you heard it right!  Our Great Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and His disciples sang.  They concluded the Passover (The Last Supper) singing a hymn after Jesus had identified the bread as his “body” and the wine as his “blood.”

Normally when people reflect on Jesus during the time of His earthly ministry, they generally envision Him performing miracles, healing the sick, teaching, or turning water to wine.  However, Matthew 26:30 is one of my favorite scriptures to meditate on… “And when they had sung a hymn, they went out to the Mount of Olives.”

Some suggest that they sang the Great Hallel (Psalms 136) and others suggest that they sang the latter part of the Hallel (Psalms 115-118) which was customary to do after the Passover meal. Whatever they sang that day it included Jesus singing. Can you imagine that?  Our omniscient and all-powerful God; Creator of perfect pitch…singing!

Oh how I wonder, what key did they sing in? Did Jesus sing tenor or bass?  It had to be awesome!  Remember his speaking voice? It calmed the wind and waves. It was his voice that healed the centurion’s servant. His voice spoke the whole world into existence so can you imagine the singing voice of Jesus? The Creator himself using creative expression!

There was no large audience there just He and the disciples, but He sang.  Knowing He was on His way to Calvary; yet He sang.  Knowing the road of persecution was just mere hours away; still He sang.

When we worship with all sincerity and yield in adoration to the King of kings, that is when we can hear Jesus sing.  As we sing together making beautiful melodies with our voices and in our hearts to Him, we will hear Jesus singing.  At that moment, when it’s not all about us, when our means of worship does not supersede our object of worship… that is when we can hear Jesus sing!   Then, as He sings, miracles will happen; healing will take place, and His purpose will be fulfilled in our lives.


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